Welcome to our new online gallery

We are displaying some of our new work which we hope you will enjoy viewing

All of our images are available for purchase and are sold as limited edition prints in run sizes of 500.

For more information please contact us at any time by email at, marklovelock123@gmail.com

Mark and Rosemary Lovelock


The “LOVES” of my life

  • I love my wife Rosemary, great sense of humour, ( she needs it with me around ) always supporting through good and bad, and a very good photographer.
  • I love our two daughters Joanne and Sarah, both have inherited our strange sense of humour.
  • I love dogs and most animals, struggle with wasps, not sure why they were invented!
  • I love Malteesers and biscuits, hate always having to diet !!!
  • I love my Canon EOS 5D MK111
  • I love toys, old, new, mechanical, electronic, what adult does not like toys?
  • Photography, all kinds, always learning, new ideas and techniques